Chinese tourists alone spent $215 Billion last year

Are you featured on their biggest travel platforms?


It's no secret that the Chinese outbound tourism market is both a lucrative and expanding quickly . The question is - how can your business get a piece of the pie? How to even start  when you don't have the connections, knowhow, language skills, and support infrastructure?

Global Travel Assistant is here to connect you to all major OTAs in China and Taiwan. This means getting front page features and blog articles. This also means getting technical cooperation, and custom sales deals.

With offices in Beijing, Taipei, Tokyo, and Myanmar, Global Travel Assistant is perfectly positioned to be the bridge you need to succeed in Greater China. We do everything from custom research to business development to a full multilingual call center

Come explore our services and tell us your business's specific needs with an inquiry. We'll be your gateway to China.

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  • Global Travel Assistant的多语言呼叫中心和去哪儿网的泰国APP通过SDK技术合作协定。在相谈胜欢后,便与我们签订合约,并执行我们所有的规格。达成协议后,所有的中国自由行背包客便可以即时访问中 – 英 – 泰的即时翻译员/当地旅行助手。

    - 去哪儿网
  • Global Travel Assistant 为了所有的旅行家提供人性化的翻译器。我们利用我们的翻译器在我们的产品 – Tripper上,然而因为我们强大的服务和差异化,以至于我们在第一个月内即看到成效 – 使用者上升10%。

    - 世界邦
  • Global Travel Assistant的多語言呼叫中心和去哪兒網的泰國APP通過SDK技術合作協定。在相談勝歡後,便與我們簽訂合約,並執行我們所有的規格。達成協議後,所有的中國自由行背包客便可以即時訪問中 – 英 – 泰的即時翻譯員/當地旅行助手。

    - 去哪兒網
  • Global Travel Assistant 為了所有的旅行家提供人性化的翻譯器。我們利用我們的翻譯器在我們的產品 – Tripper上,然而因為我們強大的服務和差異化,以至於我們在第一個月內即看到成效 – 使用者上升10%。

    - 世界邦
  • Global Travel Assistant provided human interpreters to all of our travelers — and we were thrilled. We made the interpreter available as a main feature of our app and saw our user base improve 10%  in the first month. It was a great service and differentiation factor for us.

    - ShiJieBang
  • We added Global Travel Assistant’s multilingual call center into our Qu Na’er Thailand APP through a custom SDK technical cooperation deal. They met with us, took our custom details, and executive to all our specifications. The result was that all our independent outbound Chinese travelers could now get instant access to Chinese-Eng-Thai interpreters/local travel assistants.

    - QuNar


The latest in China travel and GTA news

Global Travel Assistant provides new instant, multilingual reservation service and software to Japan’s largest restaurant website

January 11, 2017

Chinese tourists in Japan now can easily make reservations to coveted Michelin star restaurants in their own language with Global Travel Assistant’s new instant, multilingual reservation service – seamlessly integrated…

Global Travel Assistant provides new instant, multilingual customer service to Japan’s largest airline tickets website

Chinese tourists in Japan now can easily reserve flights in their own language with Global Travel Assistant’s new instant, multilingual customer service – seamlessly integrated with Japan’s largest airline ticketing…

Google Play TutorMandarin Android APP

“Mandarin Goes Mobile” – TutorMandarin Launches New Android APP

January 10, 2017

Mandarin Goes Mobile with the New APP, TutorMandarin 1-on-1 online Chinese classes taught by certified Mandarin tutors through a state-of-the-art Android app that features a virtual classroom, full in-app courses,…

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