Bilingual Call Center

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Your Bilingual Call Center

When searching for a global contact center you have to weigh in a lot of different factors. Global Travel Assistant makes it easy by offering full technical and human solutions to all of your call center needs.

Language Combinations

We have bilingual professional operators and business interpreters available for rapid development and quick scaling jobs.

  English French Chinese Japanese Korean Thai Cantonese
English English   Chn-Eng     Jap-Eng    Kor-Eng     Canto-Eng 
French    French Chn-Fr        
Chinese Eng-Chn  Fr-Ch Chinese   Jap-Chn Kor-Chn  Thai-Chn   
Japanese Eng-Jap   Chn-Jpn  Japanese       
Korean  Eng-Kor   Chn-Kor     Korean     
Thai     Chn-Thai        Thai  
Cantonese Eng-Canto           Cantonese 


Available Time

We offer a variety of working times -- choose your own plan based on your business' demand

9am-5pm, 5 days a week
7am-11pm, 5 days a week
7am-11pm, 7 days a week


Call center giving flexible hours, up to 24/7 services
Call center providing several communication methods

Communication Method

High-quality video and voice calling around the world including global and local numbers as well as easy API integration.


Additional Services

We can act as a full virtual assistant with our human and technical capabilities.

CRM Integration
Personal Assistant Services
Customer Support
Outbound Sales Calls
Call center additional services

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