Global Travel Assistant Ltd. Opens Taipei Office

GTA Taipei Office Sign

A New Home in Taiwan

Global Travel Assistant has officially opened it's new Taiwan office located at Keelung Rd., Section 1, No. 180, 2nd Floor, Taipei, Taiwan 110.

The new office is located a mere four floors down from the Appworks incubator, the very incubator Global Travel Assistant graduated from at proud member of the 11th class. It was through Appworks' 11th demo day, Global Travel Assistant launched its live Mandarin tutoring app, Lingochat. Global Travel Assistant's location choice highlights a commitment to keep close ties with Taiwan's thriving entrepreneurial community

Global Travel Assistant shares an adjoining space with fellow Appworks graduate, SharmeDesign, a company working to help Taiwan's (and the world's) app companies with professional services in UI/UX consulting and creation.


Global Enterprise with Asia Focus

This marks GTA's fourth office opening, adding one more to its previous three locations in 1.) Beijing, China, 2.) Tokyo, Japan 3.) Yangon Myanmar. Morevoer, it is another step in GTA long-term strategy to conduct global business with a special focus on markets in China, Taiwan, and Japan -- developing not only its own apps (Tripper, Lingochat)  but helping international business break into these markets with both technological solutions and business development solutions.


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