Are you featured on their biggest travel platforms?

It's no secret that the Chinese outbound tourism market is both a lucrative and expanding quickly . The question is - how can your business get a piece of the pie? How to even start  when you don't have the connections, knowhow, language skills, and support infrastructure?

Global Travel Assistant is here to connect you to all major OTAs in China and Taiwan. This means getting front page features and blog articles. This also means getting technical cooperation, and custom sales deals.

With offices in Beijing, Taipei, Tokyo, and Myanmar, Global Travel Assistant is perfectly positioned to be the bridge you need to succeed in Greater China. We do everything from custom research to business development to a full multilingual call center

Come explore our services and tell us your business's specific needs with an inquiry. We'll be your gateway to China.

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2nd biggest OTA in China - over 500 millions visitors per year

"We added Global Travel Assistant's multilingual call center into our Qu Na'er Thailand APP through a custom SDK technical cooperation deal. They met with us, took our custom details, and executive to all our specifications. The result was that all our independent outbound Chinese travelers could now get instant access to Chinese-Eng-Thai interpreters/local travel assistants."


Japanese largest restaurant information website - over $300 million sales in 2016

"Global Travel Assistant has established a long-term partnership with Gurunavi, Inc. to help them enter Greater Chinese tourism markets. We provide the services of business support, like handling business contact and negotiating cooperation conditions, and business process optimization to help them discover and connect to potential partners. Furthermore, our product listing and operations  such as our 5*8 Chinese-Japanese bilingual call center make their submissions to OTAs and orders-handling much more easier. Eventually, our IT team also assist Gurunavi to design API in order to get connected to more top Greater Chinese OTAs."

Evolable Asia

Japanese largest domestic flights booking site

"Being a strong partner, Global Travel Assistant has helped Evolable Asia Corp. sell directly to Greater Chinese customers with their multilingual call center and get listed on top Chinese OTAs. Due to our close relationships with the OTAs and the familiarity of Chinese travel industry, we act as a middleman and help our clients find new partners, negotiate cooperation conditions. Also, we provide API support for them so that they can easily connect to the OTAs."


Chinese Top OTA - 10 millions active users

"Global Travel Assistant provided human interpreters to all of our travelers -- and we were thrilled. We made the interpreter available as a main feature of our app and saw our user base improve 10% in the first month. It was a great service and differentiation factor for us."


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