I need a call center for my business! 5 reasons why you need a call center

I need a call center for my business

“I need a call center for my business!”

5 reasons why you need a call center.

Has your business missed sales or had service cancellations that irritate customers? If your business counts on reliable human assistance, then it’s crucial to offer customers a way to immediately get human help and have their problems addressed professionally. A live call center option provides a professional and intimate presentation that comforts clients and makes them appreciative of your services.

With call centers, operators can do a multitude of services: easily patch calls towards the representative of the company, gather account information, receive messages, or handle small issues immediately. A company characterized by reliable communication means limits unanswered calls which can make a big difference between that company and its competitors.

Here are several reasons as to why a company should have a call center.

Call centers save you money by cutting costs

I need a call center for my business
It is quite costly for a company to hire a receptionist who will serve full time. The recruiting process and training are way too expensive and also consumes much time. Other things associated with hiring are paid taxes and sick days, paid vacation and health benefits. After all, it will still result in missed calls when there is overflow and after-hours.

Call centers, on the other hand, offers budget benefits like; lower human resource costs that are turnover, taxes, benefits, training, and hiring. It reduces management responsibilities, offers potential savings and no expenses on vacation or sick days.

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Call centers enhance productivity and efficiency

I need a call center for my business

Apart from saving on cost, a call center will improve efficiency hence resulting in the more productive atmosphere allowing company representatives to maximize efforts of assisting existing and new clients. Representatives of the company begin workdays with knowledge of what exactly are the needs to address and the specific clients even before starting the conversation. Call center increases productivity through:

  1. Decreasing time spent while playing phone tag
  2. Improving employee and company relationship
  3. Cutting negative experiences by customers
  4. Screening of solicitors hence no waste of time when calls on sales should be made
  5. Calls get straight to appropriate representative in the company hence fast turn-around time

Call centers (especially bilingual ones!) can do a multitude of tasks both active and passive. See all the services that GTA operators can do!

Call centers avoid lost opportunities and increases sales

I need a call center for my business
call centers make sales growth

When companies handle only received calls during business hours, they are missing out on the other cases. Referring customers to voicemail is basically just losing the sales. Studies show that about 90% customers won’t leave voicemail especially if purchasing.

Call center on the other queues calls as well as offer short time of waiting ensuring that leads of your sales are maintained. Also, potential partners in business and also business opportunities for development can call to acquire information incorrect hands. Call centers are capable of providing overflow support. In case all representatives are on calls, extra calls can get forwarded to call center reducing wait times.

  1. Live calls answering centers increase sales by:
  2. Responding to emergency calls soonest possible
  3. Allowing operators place orders via company website hence making sure that sales go through despite the time of the day
  4. By handling a higher volume of calls
  5. Through the many calls by the many customers, the business is marketed in a way
  6. The organization is presented as a big organization hence enhancing sales by clients not preferring smaller organizations

Offers competitive advantage

I need a call center for my business

In case your competitors use the phone number for customer calls and your business does not make use of such, most customers definitely will opt for the competitor. If the competitors, on the other hand, have few office hours then you provide   seven days a week coverage, your company then becomes more attractive to customers.

Not every customer prefers calling during business hours and also not all you don’t prefer calling at that time. A call center promises your customers that at any time of the day there will be someone available to respond.

Simple to price

I need a call center for my business
The answering service providing by the call center is simple to sign up and also it’s affordable. The call centers can answer calls with a live person 24/7 or even during an overflow when all phones are on call at a fraction of receptionist cost and phone line cost. The live operators take messages, fill the web form with data and send calls to the next office after you make the monthly flat price.

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In Conclusion

Call center helps you manage your existing clients and acquire new ones. The two main department that benefits from the call center the most are customer support and sales. Even a small company with just a few clients do benefit from call centers. These reasons should hopefully give you more clarity about why you need a call center. Contact us today to speak to one of our call center outsourcing experts and get a free quote today from Global Travel Assistant Ltd.


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