outsourcing call center pros and cons


A call center offshore outsourcing can be defined as an external service provider that found in the United States for operating and managing calls. The service provider deals with training and acquiring the center agents. They also maintain the call center software, the infrastructure and also manage daily to daily call operations at the center.

It is possible for a company to outsource the entire call center or parts of the call center operations like engineering, sale marketing among others. After the transactions are made and signed the company can now freely be at will to oversee the company’s operations and to trust the service providers that are dealing with their calls operations. In this article, we will look at the outsourcing call center pros and cons as discussed below:


Pros of a call center offshore outsourcing


1.Low prices

outsourcing call center pros and cons
Low prices

The supporters of the offshore outsourcing argue that it importantly deducts or do away with the costs that come along with running a call center. When the call center operations, labor costs, overhead, and infrastructure are importantly deducted the savings become important too.


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2.24/7 customer service for a fraction of the price

outsourcing call center pros and cons
24/7 customer service

Another great advantage of the outsourcing call center is that it serves their customers throughout. They do this at a very nice price that does not harm you or affect your company.


3. Responsiveness

outsourcing call center pros and cons

At times companies do experience a spike in their business for instance during the holiday seasons. In such a season, it becomes hard to hire, train and lay off employees within such a short period. A company that outsources its call center is, therefore, able to contract such risks.


4. They handle overflow call volumes at ease

outsourcing call center pros and cons

Outsourcing your call operations through a service provider who is responsible for responding to calls during an overflow period long calls volume, sometimes becomes a solution to costly problems.



outsourcing call center pros and cons

The call center outsourcing makes it possible for a company to adapt to the changing needs easily. When a business moves to a new place, estimating how many call employees need to be added is never easy. The same thing also happens when the company receives new products.


Even if the expansion of the company earns little revenue, the company has to pay the fixed price of the call center. When a call outsourcing therefore occurs, the firm will only pay the employees according to the time they spend on the phone.


6.Increases business continuity

outsourcing call center pros and cons
Increase business

When a call center provider works out conveniently to serve your company’s needs by guaranteeing a hundred percent uptime, locating servers in diverse locations and are dedicated to making quality calls with you and your agents, you become more confident with the center’s services.


7.Expansion to international markets

outsourcing call center pros and cons
Call center agents in Foreign Company

Once a company enlarges to foreign markets, it has to have local call centers. The company’s staff is then forced to speak the language and understand the culture. This is a problem they can deal with on an as-needed basis.


8.Eliminates staffing issues


The call service providers perfectly handle all the operations of the calls, that is, training, managing, scheduling and hiring the call team agents. This is advantageous to its customers in that it saves time, headache and money for your company as a customer.


Cons of a call center offshore outsourcing



outsourcing call center pros and cons

One of the major complaints received is the understanding of foreign accents. Calls from different people worldwide with diverse accents make US customers unable to understand them.


2.Decreased customer satisfaction

outsourcing call center pros and cons
Customer Satisfied

Recent research that was conducted showed that the call center outsourcing results in a significant reduction in customers’ satisfaction and also the service quality.


3.Product knowledge

outsourcing call center pros and cons
Product Knowledge

All employees from foreign call centers were excluded from the corporate base. This made them unfamiliar with the company’s services and products. This also resulted in a reduction in confidence and solutions to the needs of the customers.


4.Security and privacy concerns

outsourcing call center pros and cons

Call center agents from overseas have different backgrounds checks from those of US-based agents. This makes sensitive and confidential information less secure as compared to local agents who undergo a tough background check.


In Conclusion

To sum it all, the call center offers the best calling services that you would ever need for your company. Their agents are well trained to offer high-quality services to their customers. As seen above in the outsourcing call center pros and cons, one can be able to make a good decision when needing to make the company calls.


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