Net Marketing

NetMarketing provides a plethora of overseas business support services for China, Taiwan and Japan -- solving multi-national and multi-language and multi-cultural problems.

Overseas Business Support

Distributors, local sales network, advertising, SEO, customer support, and more.

Inbound Promotion

Attracting customers in Japan, China, and Taiwan before your big trip or launch. We have niche experience in the travel, real estate industry, and gaming industry.

System Development

We build multilingual web sites and systems, with special strength in localization.

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TutorMandarin is an online Chinese language teaching service and mobile application where professional tutors with over 500 hours of experience teach full spoken courses and individual topic-based classes through a state of the art virtual classroom. Each student gets a personalized learning experience -- including their own custom student resume, individual class notes, and educational badges. Plus, all students get free access to our daily What's On articles, curated Youtube videos, and Flashcards. The absolute best way to learn Chinese!

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OSBAY provides IT Service and solutions with a specialization in outsourcing. We provide either the cheap software development you need or can help you set up your own outsourced team at a fraction of the cost of the US or Japan.

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Game Factory

Game app development company, Game Factory, was initially established in late 2016 with offices in both Taiwan and Myanmar. The Game Factory head team is composed of Taiwan game industry developers with over 20+ years of experience in each of R&D, game design, and development for both PC/Console and mobile gaming. In Myanmar, we have a team of dozens of engineers with skills in Unity, C #, C + +, Delphi, Java, SQL.

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