Top 10 In the World Japanese Call Center Company

Well, are you looking for the best business outsourcing company in Asia or Japan, to be specific? The country boasts of the best BPO agencies, and you won’t have to hire your staff to handle some business aspects. These firms have the best professionals who will handle your core tasks, such as a marketing strategy, customer interaction, technical support, and more, at an affordable price. And since you will be working with an expert, you will enjoy using the up-to-date technologies firsthand.

A BPO firm will also give you many benefits while ensuring your products or services adhere to the desired quality. And in this era of digital advancement, BPO companies are the modern solution for businesses who want to minimize costs while improving their productivity. You have many services, such as HR services, data entry, and other business operations. The right company will enable you to handle your operations with ease. And you won’t have to spend time looking for employees and giving them allowances and benefits. Well, if looking for a world trade Japanese call center company, what are the best option?

Top 10 World Japanese Call Center Company


  If you are looking for the best Japanese call center company, your best bet would be BEETOFT Co. Ltd. It is headquartered in Tokyo and charges less than 25 dollars per hour. The company has 250 to 999 employees and is trusted by hundreds of companies across Japan.

It also has a presence in Vietnam and deals with IT consultancy, annotation, and outsourcing. It caters to MNC’s and SMEs worldwide with its cutting-edge services available at affordable prices. What makes Beetsoft unique is its vast experience of over six years in the industry, bridging the gap between companies and professionals looking for income sources. It has also enabled companies to find skilled workers in different areas.

Whether you are looking for IT outsourcing, web design, game development, software development, and other services, it’s a reliable partner. It has clients spread from over 20 countries worldwide, and they have also ventured into the AI and robotics field.

Beetsoft Ltd is a top outsourcing company in Japan thanks to its repetitive clients and high retention rate. They have established themselves as an authority in the BPO industry, and it’s no secret that it has thousands of individuals and customers who are hiring their services.

Key Services

– IT outsourcing

– Game development

– Software development

– IT consulting

– Application development

– Web development

types of call center


 Since it was founded in 1995, TDX has grown in the Japan BPO industry to become a reliable company with 1000 to 10,000 employees. The company is located in Japan is a popular household name famous in the e-commerce and customer service fields. It has hired an array of professionals worldwide and helps businesses make meaningful interactions with their customers.

With their remote work solutions, you will get real-time and accurate results in addressing your needs and concerns. It’s a favorite among many multinational tech brands and companies. For the customer service, their professionals will be your brand ambassadors and deliver the best solutions to keep your customers’ trust in your company intact.

Also, they can handle your e-commerce and social media to ensure there is no harmful monitoring. With their 24/7 monitoring in different languages, your company will be cared for and its customers and potential clients. Finally, their professionals will help you understand your sales cycle and break it into different parts, which you can check over time. You will have an advantage over your competitors, and a competent inside sales team is your dream of succeeding in business.


– Content moderation

– Tech support

– Call center

– Customer service

– Revenue generation

– E-commerce

– Inside sales

– Trust& safety

Tele-net corporation

  Since its inception in 1994, Tele-net corporation has grown to become an important player in the Japanese BPO industry. Besides taking orders and making inquiries for different clients, they offer you reliable customer care services to ensure you have a better relationship with your customers. They are dedicated to offering reliable services and quality, which have made them attract a sizeable customer base. Tele-net corporation boasts of between 200 and 500 employees, and you can contact them via their website or visit their offices in Japan.

They are also versatile and offer various KPO services besides customer services. Their goal is to offer hospitality to the clients, which is evident in the employees’ professionalism. They offer their services in Japanese, English, and Chinese in Japan and other countries worldwide.

You can find them in Tokyo, Ibaraki, Osaka, Nagano, Fukuoka, and Tokushima in Japan. They also have a presence in China, the Philippines, and the US. Their services are ideal for any offshore company that wants to hire employees in Japan or want to offer their services in the area.

 Services Offered

– CRM services

– IT solutions

– Inbound customer support

– Marketing solutions

– BPO services

– Order Fulfillment Services

– Contact center

KDDI Evolva

   If you would like a Japanese call center company, which has been in the industry for the longest time, then KDDI Evolva is your perfect choice. This company has the best employees who provide high-quality services for clients in Japan and across the world. KDDI is an upgrade of the KDD International Contact Center founded in 1953 and is a reliable company with clients in varying industries. The business process outsourcing (BPO) offered by KDDI has proven track records and confidence.

KDDI provides services based on an “EVOLVA STANDARD” aiming to maximize efficiency in contact center management. Also, since individuals’ and companies’ needs are changing, KDDI has not been left behind, and they offer services 24/7 and throughout the year. This gives customers maximum flexibility, which helps to improve their satisfaction in diverse fields. And they have also integrated technology into the core of their operations to ensure maximum efficiency and success.

 Services Offered

– Customer support

– Technical support

– Outbound calls

– Multilingual contact center

FPT Software

 FPT Software is an FPT corporation component, a leader in the outsourcing and IT sectors across Vietnam. It is a name that doesn’t require much introduction when it comes to the IT sector. This Japanese company has helped thousands of clients to improve their digital presence and offers numerous services. Besides Japan, it has a presence in America, South-east Asia, Europe, and Australia. The software offers near shore, onsite, and offshore delivery models to various industries such as automotive, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, logistics, e-commerce, and more. It is one of the best BPO companies worldwide and offers professional services to clients across Japan.

 Services Offered

– Analytics

– Embedded system

– IoT

– Legacy Migration

– Application Service

– BPO services


    Transcosmos BPO company was ranked the best by Gartner U.S in 2018 based on its revenue. It offers services across 33 countries in the world. It is no visitor in the BPO field and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. As one of the leading Japanese call center companies, it provides excellent services to its clients to make their operations smooth while minimizing costs.

Since it was launched in 1966, Transcosmos has combined the latest technology with their clients’ competitive strength, which has enabled them to offer superior services. It has positioned itself as an authority in Japan and the entire world. With its array of modern solutions for businesses, companies can relax and enjoy professional services without the need to hire employees directly. As of now, Transcosmos is focusing on the Asian market and offers the following services.

 Services Offered

– Digital marketing

– Contact center

– Order management

– Back-office services

– Analytics

– Accounting

– BPO services

– System development and operation

– Sales expansion services

– Website development


  Bellsystem24 is a frontrunner in the CRM outsourcing business and has been the leader for over three decades. Additionally, it is launching new programs that will revolutionize the customer experience in the outsourcing industry. It was launched in 1982, and it boasts over 10,000 employees working around the clock to deliver excellent solutions to clients. Also, it has hired between 50 and 250 employees to cater to its clients’ needs.

They have a crisis management package solution that enables you to respond well to different crises, such as informational leakage, recalls, and more. It will help you to undertake the right support and preparations to come up with the right responses. BELLSYSTEM24 is prepared for different possibilities and has the know-how and solutions to suit various customers and organizations’ needs.

 Services Offered

– Call Center

– CRM Technology

– BPO Solutions

– Consulting and Analysis

– Omni-channel


  Everise is a famous CX transformation company that offers modern business solutions to handle the changing business needs. It’s more than a global experience company and features the latest technology, the incredible talent that has enabled it to solve customers’ changing needs. The company, founded in 2016, now has over 10,000 employees and has an AI-powered solution that is scalable, secure, and high-performing to its billions of customers.

Everise is experienced in designing solutions that will revolution Alize your employee and customer experienced. This company is focused on supporting great products and IoT devices, whether a startup or established through their lifestyle. They work to prevent fraud in connected devices and credit cards, and have top-notch skills and hard data, vital to beating the fraudsters.

 Services Offered

– Contact center

 – Customer Experience

– Product Experience

– Digital Experience

3marketeers Advertising

  The most successful marketing strategy stirs emotions and handles the needs of clients. This is true for 3marketeers advertising that employs a modern advertising approach to ensure you generate high-quality sales leads and make money with ease. This is the model adopted by the 3marketeers advertising company that is popular in the marketing, B2B, advertising, design, and lead generation industry.

What makes 3marketeers advertising also attractive is its presence in the industry for over three decades. It was launched in 1966 and a presence in Japan. The employees are between 10 and 50. The company will help to generate to execute, automate, and measure your B2B marketing campaigns. Every individual and business require a reliable advertising and marketing company and 3marketeers advertising excels in this field.

 Services Offered

– Marketing

– Lead generation

– Guerilla marketing

– Design

– eTrigue

– Web design

– Marketing automation

– B2B

IMT Solution

 Though it’s the last BPO company in our review, it still a reliable company in Japan. It was launched in 2008 and now offers IT professional and consulting services to individuals and businesses in the civilian, commercial and federal markets. It is a Microsoft Gold partner and is also ISO 27001 certified to offer various services to industries and regions while tackling the complex technological challenges in your digital journey. It has 51 to 200 employees and is privately held. 

Most clients who hire their services are looking for Software outsourcing, Telecom R&D, software testing, mobile application development, IT consulting services, and software testing services. Some of the top covered industries, such as telecom, oil& gas, hospitality, financial services, e-commerce, cars and automotive, and publishing and media.

 Services offered

– Software testing


– Application development

– DevOps

– Mobile App development

– Outsourced product development

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is one of the top strategies, which companies use to cut their costs and increase business revenues. It’s ideal for SMEs and large businesses, and it enables the companies t to enhance their productivity in the core areas of their businesses. Therefore, the companies will be able to adhere to real trades and leave the other areas to professionals.

BPO companies offer specialized services such as data entry, call center operations, IT solutions, and even market research. The services can also be sophisticated to include areas, such as SEO, social media analytics, and software development. When a company outsources some of its areas to a BPO company, it will streamline its work processes while saving costs and time.

But since there are thousands of companies in the BPO industry in Japan, you will find our top options in the list above very useful. They offer the best services, have reliable customer care service, and are all you need in a Japanese call center company. Contact them today for reliable and decently priced services.

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