Global Travel Assistant Job Listings


1. More than five years experience in AOO development. More than two years of technical experience in team management.

2. Familiar with Android and .Net development tools and libraries (iOS developer familiarity gets priority)

3. Familiar with network communication technology, P2P video and audio technology to build or related preferred platform

4. Familiar with Mobile App Development Process

5. Familiar with the main cloud architecture tools (AWS, Azure, Ali cloud)

iOS Developer

1. More than 1.2 years of relevant work experience iOS development

2. Familiar with iOS SDK and Xcode, familiar with objective-c, cocoa frameworks, clients and other development

3. Proficient in c or c ++, data structures and algorithms for a deep understanding

4. Proficient in sqlite, tcp / ip agreement with the underlying network development

Call Center Manager

1. Strong English communication skills. Call center system management knowledge & experience

2. Customer training experience preferred

Assistant General Manager / Chief of the General Staff

1. Good English ability, more than two years of work experience

2. Proficient in MS Office, personnel recruitment related work experience is preferred

Tripper Job Listings

Japan Sales Director

1. Japanese language proficiency, marketing, business planning and other related professional priorities

2. More than two years experience in sales or related business travel experience, and having a wide range of channel sales resources

3. For the tourism industry or the education sector has enough passion