Hi. We’re Global Travel Assistant.

About our company : Global Travel Assistant Ltd. is a technology company that leverages an innovative global communication platform with its own network of multilingual human services to create both white label and custom solutions in the travel, education, and language industries.

Since it’s inception in 2014, Global Travel Assistant has

  • Released its own app - Tripper "The World's Local Assistant"
  • Partnered with China’s largest and most profitable travel companies — QuNar, Ctrip
  • Provided numerous custom software solutions to other business
  • Helped large partners like Starwood, Canon, and Microsoft enter into China, Taiwan, and Japan

With offices in Taipei, Beijing, Tokyo, and Myanmar, Global Travel Assistant is an international enterprise with strong Asia focus and particular strength in the Chinese, Taiwan, and Japanese markets. Global Travel Assistant also works together with its sister companies Net Marketing (SEO, localization, business development) and OSBAY (Outsourcing solutions) to help businesses enter Asia using the full effect of its software, human power, deep business relationships, and years of experience.