Global Travel Assistant provides new instant, multilingual reservation service and software to Japan’s largest restaurant website

Chinese tourists in Japan now can easily make reservations to coveted Michelin star restaurants in their own language with Global Travel Assistant’s new instant, multilingual reservation service – seamlessly integrated with Japan largest restaurant website.

Catering to Chinese tourists restaurant needs in Japan

The Japan’s largest restaurant website is quickly meeting the needs of its influx of high-income Chinese tourists by creating Chinese language materials, localized information, and more. Today, they took an even greater step by adding a 24/7, human reservation service in Chinese, directly built into their website.

Global Travel Assistant was chosen for the job due to its multi-year experience with global communication software solutions and multilingual human services. Its past expertise in creating similar solutions for QuNar and Ctrip made it an easy choice for the job.

Global Travel Assistant Multilingual Call-Center Service

Global Travel Assistant is now providing a 24/7 instant hotline to handle all reservations to Japan’s exclusive, and notoriously hard to book, Michelin star restaurants. The hotline operators are professional Japanese-to-Chinese over-the-phone interpreters with a special background in Customer Service. They all receive special training that helps them to meet the nuanced needs of each respective culture.

 Capitalizing Outbound Chinese Tourism Opportunities

Japan, more than most countries, knows about the trends in outbound Chinese tourism. Last year alone, they received more than 86 million Chinese, spending 2.8 million yen per capita. Plus, a high percentage (9%) spent their money on Japan restaurants and food.

Global Travel Assistant is helping various Japan’s top players cater to those needs and stay at the top of their market in this pivotal time.

Global Travel Assistant offers multilingual solutions for all sectors of the travel industry in 5 different languages, including Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean, and Thai on customer service. At the same time, they also offer fully capable personal travel assistant and virtual concierge through their own apps like Tripper and other SaaS integration.

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