Taipei Metro, The Best Way to Get Around Taipei

Taipei metro and travellers

Taipei Metro is the best way to get around Taipei


Taipei Metro (also known as the MRT), being the first metro system in Taiwan, has effectively generated for the last 20 years. Since it began operation in 1996, Taipei Metro has become the most important transportation for commuters and travelers.

Serving the people from one of the most densely populated cities in the world, Taipei Metro system had a total of 700 million passengers in the year of 2016. Not only with  5 routes (Brown, Red, Green, Orange, Blue) of the system, the conversions to the railway lines, Taoyuan airport MRT and Songshan airport are also making MRT one of the busiest metro system in the world.

Besides the convenience and connectivity, the fares of Taipei Metro are also attractive. Ranging from NT$20(US$0.7) to NT$65(US$2) with most locations accessible for around NT$20–30, you can even get a 20% discount if you are using Easycard(a rechargeable IC card that can take MRT, railway, bus in Taiwan). Also, multi-day passes are available for travelers to hang around in Taipei.

Places You Can Go by Taipei Metro
taipei metro map
Taipei Main Station – Taipei Main Station(R10/BL12)
taipei main station

Connecting trains, HSR, 2 MRT lines, Taoyuan airport MRT and the Taipei Bus Terminal, Taipei Main Station is undoubtedly the transportation hub of Taipei.

The Central government including Office of the President, Executive Yuan(department), Legislative Yuan and Judicial Yuan…etc which located nearby make this are the most crucial administrative area in Taiwan.

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Xinyi Commercial Center – Taipei City Hall(BL18), Taipei 101/ World Trade Center(R03)
taipei Xinyi Commercial Center

Xinyi Commercial District is the heaviest commercial district in Taipei City. It is the busy business center by day and leisure shopping center by night. It attracts vendors and restaurants from around the world to station here. Luxurious products and exotic cuisine, here is where you visit for the fancy things.

Furthermore, Taipei 101, one of most famous attraction in Taiwan is also located here. Along with another 11 department store, Xinyi Commercial District is now the most crucial shopping area in Taipei.


Ximending – Ximen(BL11/G12)
taipei Ximen

Just like Harajuku of Tokyo, Ximending features a wide selection of fashionable clothing and accessories in many styles include Japanese, Chinese and Western. Ximending is also famed for a diversity of entertainments and activities that allure large numbers of young people and young adults. It is often a gathering site for young people and has been noted the most fashionable and popular shopping area in Taipei.


Yongkang Street – Dongmen(R07/O06)
taipei Din Tai Fung

Taiwanese cuisines, the attraction that no one can resist, can be found at Yong Kang Street which is notable for its numerous local refined cuisines and exotic restaurants. One of the most popular restaurants that visitors shall not miss is the internationally well-known legendary restaurant, Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐) Dumpling House. Gourmands and tourists from all over the world wait in lines for the juicy, mouthwatering dumplings and Chinese dishes. Other than Din Tai Fung Dumpling House, Yong Kang Beef Noodle and Mango Ice are also the famous restaurants at Yong Kang Street.

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